elbMUN 2018 | Dresden 2018-05-21 | 2018-05-21 | mymun


Dresden, Germany

May 21 - May 25, 2018

140 delegates expected

University Students

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Early Birds Fee (until March 11th): 60 €

Regular Fee (until April 22th): 70 €

Welcome to elbMUN Conference 2018!


Dear future delegates:

It is our great pleasure to invite you to join us at elbMUN 2018. From May 21 to May 25, the Saxon State Parliament in the beautiful city of Dresden will once again be the site of encouraging, heated and hopefully fruitful debates. In our four councils and committees, you will have the opportunity to address a wide variety of issues which are currently being faced by the international community. Whether you will negotiate solutions for the crisis in South Sudan, debate child labor, address lethal autonomous weapon systems or another burning issue on our agenda: you will be the ones “reshuffling the cards in puzzling times”.

After all, those times we are witnessing are filled by seemingly drastic shifts in international alliances, the emergence of new leadership figures and the repeal of assumptions formerly believed to be definite and certain. It will hence be up to you to take the initiative, to think outside the box and to play out your cards wisely. Your input and your creativity will be crucial for the international community to come together in the common aim of achieving durable solutions to urging problems.

The entire elbMUN-team is currently preparing an unforgettable experience for all participants. We are once again keen to stick to our idea of a sustainable and ecologically beneficial conference. Consciousness will thus once more be the underlying and continuously present basis of elbMUN. Departing from there, we will strive to create a framework in which the MUN-spirit will be able to gradually unfurl – not only through our formal council sessions but also during talks over lunch, while having a beer at the Dresden Neustadt or while dancing at the traditional elbMUN prom.

We could not be more excited for the conference to start and are looking forward to welcoming you in May.

Best wishes until then,

Rachel Behring and Dennis Pöhland Secretaries General of elbMUN 2018