DSS MUN 2024 | Sofia 2024-10-17 | 2024-10-17 | mymun


Sofia, Bulgaria

Oct 17 - Oct 19, 2024

100 delegates expected

University Students and High School Students



Mar 29, 2024 - Sep 27, 2024

We are pleased to welcome you back to the annual DSS MUN conference in Sofia.

Be prepared for heated debates and a fascinating social event this October in the lively capital of Bulgaria

At our conference delegates will be discussing very important and relevant topics which have an impact on the worlds economical and political landscape, and will continue doing so, which is why solutions need to be found, changes must be made. 

This year’s topics are Combatting Disinformation and Its Side Effects and Fighting Tax Evasion Globally

Throughout the conference delegates will be able to showcase their collaborative, diplomatic, and negotiation abilities, as well as gather new experience from fellow delegates. 

Outside of the conference delegates will have the opportunity to bond, connect and socialize with a variety of people with different experiences and cultures than them. 

We are looking forward to meeting in person and creating an unforgettable MUN experience!


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General Assembly
General Assembly

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Combatting Disinformation and Its Side Effects

Fighting Tax Evasion Globally