DMUN 2020 | 2020-08-09 | 2020-08-09 | mymun



Aug 9 - Aug 10, 2020

300 delegates expected

High School Students

A Free Online Video Conference, 18 August, 2020 - 24 August, 2020 Registrations Open Through Website

Please visit our website to register. Registrations are open NOW!

This conference is organized to accommodate delegates online through a video conferencing outlet where delegates will attend our conference and practice their Model United Nations online.

The conference will be taking place from 18 August, 2020 - 24 August, 2020. Applications begin on 20 May, 2020 and end on 9 August, 2020.

Position papers are also due on 9 August, 2020.

Each committee will be attending the conference meetings on different days, specified in the event schedule included in our website. We will be using Zoom Conference Calls and other communication details are outlined in our website.

Please visit our website for an explanation as to how our conference will use conference calls to operate properly. Our website also has the registration outlet so registration can take place there.