DIAMUN 2023 | Dubai 2023-03-03 | 2023-03-03 | mymun


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Mar 3 - Mar 5, 2023

1200 delegates expected

High School Students



Oct 7, 2022 - Feb 24, 2023

Fostering collaboration, discussion and debate towards creating a better future for all

Dubai International Academy’s Annual Model United Nations (DIAMUN) stands at the forefront of fruitful and impactful debate that aims to bring students from all over the world to cooperate, dispute, and debate pertaining to world concerns to find efficient solutions. Being the largest student-led Model United Nations event within the MENA Region, DIAMUN boasts over fifteen diverse committees that simulate the mechanisms prevalent within the official United Nations; DIAMUN encourages creative thinking and cooperation, all whilst serving as an exceptional platform for students to develop skills such as public speaking, critical thinking and many more!

Our team is entirely made of devoted students who all share a ubiquitous passion for MUN debate and International outlook, giving the conference a distinct outlook that offers a marvellous opportunity for students and schools alike. In the past, our conferences have seen the accumulation of over eight hundred participating delegates, chairs, and supervisors; all working together to create an unrivalled MUN experience; one of which should not be overlooked.


The DIAMUN Executive Team is dedicated to delivering the greatest MUN experience to all, from first-timers to oracles in the field of debate. The DIAMUN conference welcomes delegates from all over the world to engage in rigorous debates on current economic, social, and political problems, providing a doorway to the world of diplomacy and allowing students to polish their public speaking, writing, research, and dispute resolution abilities. Our goal is to establish the strong voices of today’s youth and to encourage more and more students to speak up. The debates that occur in every conference are sharpening and provide a solid basis for students to exhibit their abilities by expressing themselves; writing, and negotiating in a setting that resembles the United Nations. Furthermore, communicating with delegates of varying backgrounds pushes all participants to be more open-minded, risk-taking, and be more inquisitive, resulting in the formation of a distinct and intelligent group of people, that leave each conference with more and more knowledge.