CRIsim 2022 | Leeuwarden 2022-04-10 | 2022-04-10 | mymun


Leeuwarden, Netherlands

Apr 10 - Apr 13, 2022

140 delegates expected

University Students


LinkedIn page: CRIsim. 

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The CRIsim.summit 2022, simply put, is a crisis simulation inspired by MUNs but reformed and refined to live up to current world issues. It is an interactive strategy game that creates the opportunity for people from all over the world to work together and develop skills to navigate real-life crises. 

The event will also feature key-note speakers and hybrid panel discussions. This four-day event will bring approximately 140 participants and high-level experts to Leeuwarden's pioneering Campus Fryslân, part of the University of Groningen. The CRIsim.summit is supported by Campus Fryslân, the University of Groningen as well as our Study Association, Nobis Cura Futuri (NCF). 

During the four days, you'll have the opportunity to meet amazing guest speakers, experience the thrill of crisis simulations by taking a role as a representative of a specific topic for a company, NGO or state. The topics we'll be recruiting applicants for fall into the following five fields:

  • Security and defence affairs
  • Environmental affairs
  • Social and humanitarian affairs
  • Economic affairs
  • Foreign affairs
Who we are.
We are a group of 28 dedicated and inspired students following the BSc Global Responsibility and Leadership programme at Campus Fryslân, University of Groningen. Our team has a broad background in interdisciplinarity, being academically trained in social psychology, global health, sustainable governance, international politics, economics, environmental and energy sciences, data science and leadership strategy.

Our motivation.
We are creating a simulation that tackles current world problems and an unprecedented combination of events that have happened and are yet to happen. Imagine a realistic decision-making simulation on a high-quality level with factual and up-to-date knowledge infrastructures engaged throughout the simulation.  

We reinvent the world.
The CRIsim.summit focuses on high stake professions. We want the applicants to navigate decisions and lobbying as if in the professional and academic world. There will be a variety of exercises such as soft skills training by trained student mentors guiding teams operating in a hackathon environment and generating concrete solutions, making this simulation as realistic as possible. CRIsim is based on a multi-disciplinary and multidimensional framework where teams will adopt holistic approaches within the environment, security, economics, and social affairs. The event is created by students for students.  

What do we offer to participants?
  1. A real-time in-person strategic crisis simulation, working in specialised delegate teams to combine aspects from a strategy game, with team building, hacking out solutions and directive strategies.

  2. Lunch catering provided over the four days, as well as snacks, coffee and tea;

  3. Incredible speakers and panel discussions about youth participation in times of crisis, as well as crisis response in the Bay of Bengal.

  4. Social side-events such as our private movie night in the cinema of the Frisian national museum, a fun pub-quiz night in a hidden 20's theme bar under the streets of Leeuwarden and a formal gala with amazing keynote speakers, musical performances and the opportunity to get to know your fellow crisis drivers

  5. Participant access to the entire summit, which includes a city tour, the social and academic side events, reception, opening and closing ceremonies, the event platform and other partnered side-events);

  6. Continuous Wi-Fi and network infrastructure; 

  7. Networking opportunities with other experts, renowned speakers, panellists, as well as driven and engaged students, young professionals and youth leaders from around the world.

  8. Learn soft and hard skills such as how to manage high-level stress and guilt, train negotiation tactics, navigate realistic crisis events, explore tactical possibilities, generate directives to bring about new developments and develop policy recommendations under expert advisement.

  9. Procedural and personal guidance by professionally trained team mentors, with specialised training just for you at this conference!

Additionally, we are recruiting team mentors, one for each of the 24 actor/state teams! Send us an email should you be interested in participating or mentoring!


CRIsim.foreign affairs panel
CRIsim.foreign affairs panel

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Crisis 1: Storm Surge in Bangladesh and Bay of Bengal

Crisis 2: Regional refugee migration