COMUN 2015 | Colombo 2015-02-28 | 2015-02-28 | mymun


Colombo, Sri Lanka

Feb 28 - Mar 3, 2015

400 delegates expected

University Students



Oct 10, 2014 - Oct 10, 2014


Nov 30, 2014 - Jan 30, 2015

Global Deadlock

The Colombo Operated Model United Nations (COMUN) Conference, an initiative of The Overseas School of Colombo, has been held annually since its inception in 1994. We seek to give students the opportunity to participate in a simulation of the United Nations, where they will learn about the organization and functions of the United Nations.

Most importantly, we believe that a conference of this nature bears the potential of launching the careers of many diplomats and gives the future generation the opportunity to be actively involved in discussing prevalent crises around the world; just as real diplomats would be doing at the United Nations in New York. Each year the conference has expanded to include more schools and more students. The COMUN conference is now open to schools throughout the world. COMUN provides an unparalleled opportunity for students from national and international schools to come together in a spirit of co-operation and understanding. Today the conference has expanded to host more than 400 students.