CMSIMUN 2024 | Lucknow 2024-05-03 | 2024-05-03 | mymun


Lucknow, India

May 3 - May 5, 2024

High School Students

The Pinnacle of Diplomacy

The quintessence of City Montessori School has continuously resided in constructing an environment that empowers the youth to acquire their potential by offering a platform to hone their intellect, leadership, and analytical skills. As we return with the third edition of CMSMUN this time, we aim to scale new heights by organizing the school's first-ever International Model United Nations. The inaugural International Model United Nations at CMS Aliganj is a momentous occasion, bringing together young delegates from across the globe and fostering diplomacy, critical thinking, and global cooperation. Students will step into the shoes of world leaders, tackling pressing international issues and representing diverse nations and perspectives; the conference promises to be a crucible of cultural exchange and cooperation. The city's rich cultural tapestry will provide a vibrant backdrop for delegates to debate and negotiate resolutions. As the first of many, this MUN sets the stage for future leaders to collaborate, innovate, and build a better world.
Consequently, we must look back at the legacy of the previous model of the United Nations. CMSMUN '23 garnered the participation of 600 delegates across 30 schools nationwide, which was an immense success. Four years before this, CMS Aliganj hosted its first- ever MUN in 2019, which attracted hundreds of delegates nationwide, making it a huge feat. The triumphs of the past two MUNs have left us with some colossal shoes to fill. Imbued with the same intrepidity and valor as the ones who came before us, we aspire to take the success of CMSMUN to even greater magnitudes.