CIMUN 2023 | Ota 2023-06-05 | 2023-06-05 | mymun


Ota , Nigeria

Jun 5 - Jun 10, 2023

500 delegates expected

University Students and High School Students

Inspiring World Leaders

Covenant International Model United Nations Conference is a diplomatic conference for young leaders across the world, simulating the activities of the United Nations. It is poised at galvanizing a critical mass of young people into taking tangible action to develop implementable solutions to cogent problems across the world through diplomacy and international cooperation.

Each Delegate represents a member-state of the United Nations. Delegate experience is not only limited to committee sessions, but it includes interactive events such as; Opportunity fair, sports festivals, diplomatic and cultural dinners and special interactive sessions.

Participation at CIMUN 2023 is open to: secondary and tertiary students, Graduates, Global Youth Leaders, Diplomats/Interns and Volunteers.

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United Nations Security Council
Disarmament and Security Committee
United Nations Security Council
Disarmament and Security Committee



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