Child Protection 2019 | Khartoum 2019-03-01 | 2019-03-01 | mymun


Khartoum, Sudan

Mar 1 - Mar 3, 2019

500 delegates expected

University Students and High School Students


Kids model of peace

Over the past two decades, the international community has shown an increasing interest in the situation of children in the world, noting that because of its physical, intellectual and emotional weakness it needs special care and protection. This protection is necessary for the difficult situation of children in the world. The existence of gross violations of human rights, tragic and unacceptable at the higher level, and even frightening by nature and confidentiality, which showed the indifference of public opinion internally and internationally to address this matter.

International and national action had to be mobilized for a long time in order to enable various forms of protection to prevail in the field against ill-treatment, sexual practices, slavery and prostitution ...

Contrary to this view, we note that there is relatively progress in the release of children by armed groups and forces. While hundreds of thousands of children remain recruited by various military organizations, creating legal protection measures to maintain their health, safety and morals.

It is very important here to note that the realization of the rights of the child is still elusive. Millions of children continue to die every year before the age of five because of malnutrition or illness, and tens of millions suffer from physical or mental disability because they have been deprived of food and care, The child's natural growth is hampered by various obstacles. These obstacles lie mainly in legal, political, physical, and human, social and cultural resources.

It is therefore necessary to address violators of children's rights, promote a culture of peace and integrate the basic principles of children's rights into school programs and vocational training through organizing advocacy work and organizing regional consultations on operational strategies to combat violations of children's rights.

Therefore, the issue of protection and promotion of the rights of the child is still preoccupied with researchers and specialists in the face of many social obstacles, most notably family disintegration, political and economic instability and repeated attacks on children, which would call for the organization of the Seventh International Forum on Legal Protection Of the child.

Objectives :

* To recognize international and domestic efforts in the field of child protection,

* To highlight the effects of variables on the reality of childhood in general,

* Explain the reality of childhood with special cases,

* Exchange of experiences between professors and researchers in order to enrich the legislative system for children.


First Theme: International Child Protection

1. Analysis of international instruments and conventions on children's rights,

2. Specialized international bodies for child protection.

The second axis: Child protection in Islamic law and comparative legislation.

1. Civil protection,

2. Social protection,

3. Criminal protection,

Third Axis: Protection of Special Groups.

1. Child combatants,

2. Refugee children,

4. Children at risk (orphanage, homelessness, neglect).

Axis 4: Towards strengthening child protection strategies.

1. Enhancing the means and mechanisms of protection against (the effects of armed conflict - asylum - illegal immigration).

4. In social and specialized protection centers.