CalsMUN 2020 | Nieuwegein 2020-01-18 | 2020-01-18 | mymun


Nieuwegein, Netherlands

Jan 18 - Jan 19, 2020

250 delegates expected

High School Students

Learning from the world of yesterday

It was with great pleasure and enthusiasm that we hosted the fourth edition of Cals Model United Nations; a two-day conference that took place at Cals College, Nieuwegein, The Netherlands.

Now we are busy scheduling and preparing the fifth edition of Cals Model United Nations. With a fresh new OC staff that has been formed, we are planning on organising a fun and educative Model United Nations once more.

CalsMUN 2020's committees and issues
Historical influences:
​Learning from the world of yesterday
General Assembly (GA):
GA 1: Disarmament and International Security (DISEC)
The question of:
  1. Stray landmines in past conflict areas
  2. Cyber interference on democratic processes

GA 3: Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian (SOCHUM)
The question of:
  1. Abortion policies and reproductive health
  2. The effects of globalisation on LEDCs

GA 6: Legal
The question of:
  1. Freedom of speech and press in an age of modern media
  2. Utilising euthanasia in health care systems

​Human rights council (HRC)
The question of:
  1. Security in accordance with the right to personal privacy
  2. Rights and ethics in regards to Artificial Intelligence

Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (CCPCJ)
The question of:
  1. Implementing measures to tackle corruption and organised crime in politics
  2. Wildlife trafficking and trade

Security Council (SC)
The question of:
  1. The ownership of Kashmir
  2. The trade war between China and the United States of America
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
 The question of:
  1. Implementing climate change resilience through adaptation strategies
  2. Improving the human rights of refugees in refugee camps

Historical Committee (HC)
No issues

Historical Security Council (HSC)
The question of:
  1. The Troubles; the Northern Ireland Conflict (1968-1998)

United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (UNESCWA)
The question of:
  1. Foreign interventions and warfare in Middle Eastern civil wars
  2. Securing water resources for sustainable development in West Asia


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