BMVB MUN 2019 | New Delhi 2019-11-28 | 2019-11-28 | mymun


New Delhi, India

Nov 28 - Nov 29, 2019

260 delegates expected

High School Students

Discuss • Debate • Deliberate

The world is currently saddled with multifarious issues. Grave climatic conditions, the destruction caused by terrorism as well as the prevailing social and economic crisis pose a threat to the very existence of this world. We all are burdened by the question of how to address the current turbulence our world is witnessing.

Ban Ki-Moon, in his speech at European Foreign Alpbach, 2018 emphasized upon the importance of acting in cooperation, exchanging experiences and lessons in order to have a prosperous tomorrow. He stated, "Have a global vision. Go beyond your country; go beyond your national boundaries and act as a truly Global Citizen. We can build this world – together – to leave no one behind."

Deeply committed to the ideas of Ban Ki-Moon, BMVB Model UN is a platform that will provide you with the stimulus to widen your perspective, ponder upon global issues and resolve them through engagement, dialogue and mutual understanding. At BMVB MUN, you will experience the power of debate and how the conflicts of varying ideas can lead to the emergence of truth. BMVB Model UN will empower you to gain a Global Vision, a vision to bring about a change, a vision to be the change.


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