BITSMUN 2016 | Pilani 2016-02-12 | 2016-02-12 | mymun


Pilani, India

Feb 12 - Feb 14, 2016

400 delegates expected

University Students and High School Students


Be the change you want to see

BITSMUN Pilani is one of the oldest and most anticipated Model UN conferences in the country. Over the years, it has emerged as one of the biggest MUN conferences in India with over 400 participants from various countries who engage in high quality of debate on pressing issues that affect the world. Adding an international flavor to the summit we have brought in delegates from different countries like Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Germany, Russia and many more.

Since its inception, BITSMUN has grown exponentially to the top of the pyramid, adding new dimensions to the MUN experience. The conference ensures an apt platform for interacting with different kinds of people, providing an opportunity to revel in a concentration of diversity and culture amidst the heated debating. With participation expected from over ten nations, the summit will truly be a global affair.