BIMUN ESADE 2023 | Barcelona 2023-04-20 | 2023-04-20 | mymun


Barcelona, Spain

Apr 20 - Apr 22, 2023

250 delegates expected

High School Students

Broadening our horizons

BIMUN ESADE offers a well-rounded MUN experience as it combines both the most rigorous academic side and a playful and fun nature where young people can improve their English, negotiation and speaking skills as well as make friends from all around the world.


Excellence and respect are at the very core of BIMUN ESADE, as it strives to bring current world affairs and global issues to the forefront of young people's minds and help them to realise their potential in terms of what they can do to make the world a better place. Last year was a record-breaking year for us at BIMUN ESADE as we have over 350 participants from over 15 countries. This year BIMUN ESADE will host 7 committees and hopes to continue broadening our horizons.