ARELMUN 2023 | ─░stanbul 2023-05-13 | 2023-05-13 | mymun


─░stanbul, Turkey

May 13 - May 15, 2023

200 delegates expected

High School Students

The Other Side of the Medallion: Disparity in Power

Welcome to ARELMUN'23! Are you ready to have an amazing three day MUN experience at International Arel College? With two socials, five commitees and lots of great memories, the first ever ARELMUN awaits you! This year, our theme will be "The Other Side of the Medallion: Disparity in Power" , as in many situations we face in our world (economic, politic, human rights...) have the inequally distrubuted power in their roots. 


Further information including schedules, fun sub-events, agenda items, places to stay at and more can be found on our website, you can also contact us through . - Registrations

ARELMUN team will be working hard in order to make this event one of the best MUN experiences for everyone, we are looking forward to see you with us!


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