AmeriMUNC 2024 | Washington, D.C. 2024-02-02 | 2024-02-02 | mymun


Washington, D.C. , United States

Feb 2 - Feb 4, 2024

900 delegates expected

High School Students

Model U.N. for the 21st Century

The American University Model United Nations Conference (AmeriMUNC) is a three-day dynamic educational simulation which hosts hundreds of high school students annually. Hosted by students at American University in Washington DC., the conference aims to provide an educational setting where delegates can dive into the inner workings of international affairs through innovative committees in a more engaging way than any other conference!  very year, the AmeriMUNC Secretariat decides on a region where our simulation, initiatives, and programming is centered on. 

We are ecstatic to announce that for the very first time in our history, AmeriMUNC XI’s Regional Focus will be an African Simulation titled - â€śThe African Century.”

From combating poaching in East Africa to promoting ethical standards in mining, with the African Simulation, we will offer not only traditional GA and Independent style committees, like UNHCR and UNSC but also AmeriMUNC’s unique crisis committees such as national cabinets or corporate boards to spark the interest of all the possible students who wish to join your delegation. Our innovation doesn’t stop there. From the United States Institute of Peace to the American Society of International Law, we are constantly forging partnerships with organizations in Washington DC—all in the name of education. Without a doubt, our delegates will leave AmeriMUNC with an understanding of our regional focus that goes deeper than the points and motions of Model UN.


We place a heavy emphasis on feedback so that delegates can leave AmeriMUNC knowing what they can do to improve. Besides presenting standard Model UN awards, AmeriMUNC also gives post-conference written feedback from chairs and co-chairs to every delegate who attends our conference. We also present the AmeriMUNC Diplomacy Award to one delegate in each committee who exemplifies the attitude of an individual who prioritizes learning, mutual understanding, and respect over winning at all costs. 


Unlike other Model UN conferences, AmeriMUNC’s committees exist in one simulated universe. Whether it’s a crisis note from President Biden’s Cabinet or a working paper in DISEC, any action—big or small—has the ability to affect every committee. It’s our take on a more realistic, interconnected simulation.


AmeriMUNC is proud to classify ourselves as a small conference to set a productive environment for our educational initiatives and provide the benefits our size gives our delegates As a conference, we commit to capping our Crisis committees at 24 delegates and GA committees at 40 delegates. This provides every delegate the opportunity to participate and make real contributions to the committee throughout the conference weekend. Our smaller committees allow us to provide individual feedback and tailor our committees to teach delegates no matter their experience level. This identity is built into our simulation allowing your delegates to truly participate in all factions of MUN, regardless of the size of your delegation.


Only minutes away from the bustling city of Washington, D.C., American University’s close proximity to the capital permits unparalleled educational opportunities. From tours of embassies, speaker events with government officials, and visits at key international institutions, AmeriMUNC has it all.  

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