ALMUN 2020 | Alicante 2020-04-02 | 2020-04-02 | mymun


Alicante, Spain

Apr 2 - Apr 4, 2020


200 delegates expected

University Students

The world is waiting for you

AlicanteMUN 2020 is the first edition of a MUN in the whole city of Alicante. We are proud to announce that we are the first MUN association in the public university community of the Comunidad Valenciana. We began with practice and training classes with delegates of our own university ( Universidad de Alicante) this semester. We are excited to share our illusion with delegates  of Spain and the  world.
We are waiting to share this great experience with you.
Come and make with us this committe a dream come true!


ALMUN 2020

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