AiMUN INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE MOROCCO 2017 | RABAT 2017-11-09 | 2017-11-09 | mymun
RABAT, Morocco
Nov 9 - Nov 12, 2017

Free for delegates

400 delegates expected
University Students and High School Students


Aimun is an exercise in simulating the work of the General Assembly and other organs of the United Nations system to initiate young people (college, high school,global citizenship.

During this exercise, participants worked as a team to defend positions a country or United Nations agencies (UNESCO, WHO, etc.). This is an opportunity to build on the knowledge gained through schooling and to crisis management techniques and techniques of international cooperation.  This program targets young audiences wishing to familiarize themselves with international issues And the functioning of the United Nations.  The United Nations Regional Information Center (UNRIC) supports and encourages Aimun development in Africa. Registration on / inscrition sur: