Jonas Bruns

May 11, 2022

Why Taurus is the best MUNtor you’ll ever have 🐂

Daria Kisseleva's MUN Horoscope

We all have a MUN mentor. You know, that person who introduced you to the world of Model United Nations, helped you step up your game, shared their veteran experience with you, and just helped you #debatebetter?
A name probably popped up in your mind as you read those lines. Well, consider that person your ✨MUNtor ✨.

But I have news for you: no matter how amazing that person is, nobody outperforms the iconic Taurus MUNtors in their field of predilection.
‘What makes a Taurus MUNtor so special?’ you may ask.
Easy, these cute beasts 🐂 have all the desired qualities to provide personalized top-tier mentorship based on their personal experience in the committee. In other words, not only have our Taurean friends perfectly understood the assignment of MUN, but they also don’t mind sharing it, and that’s a major flex!
Let’s break down the magic that makes their aura so special:

✅ Experts at multitasking

You may think they’re writing their next speech, listening to the current speaker, or working on their draft resolution. The truth is they’re doing all of the above while sending memes in the delegates’ chat. How do they do it? It’s kind of a mystery for us - the ordinary people. But rumour has it that if you ask them politely, these serial multitaskers will share with you their best techniques to excel at time management and make the committee their playground.

✅ Unapologetic realists

No matter the topic and the committee, Taurus delegates are notorious for proposing the most realistic solutions. Imposing sanctions in a GA committee? Including excessive budget estimations in the DR? No thanks. Tauruses know the rules and will use them to advance the most down-to-earth propositions, which can only appeal to their fellow delegates’ common sense and bring them the most unlikely allies. And to think that we sometimes struggle to persuade the delegates in our own block….notes taken! ✍️

✅ Work hard, play harder

Who said you can’t be both the voice of reason AND a party animal?
Tauruses may be a bit nerdy in the committee but give them a good beat and coloured party lights to watch them turn into the main character on the dancefloor. Having experienced the best of both worlds, Taurus MUNtors will feed your brain with valuable advice on how to reach the perfect work-play balance at any conference.

✅ Teamwork is dream work

When it comes to teamwork, Taurus MUNers have once again understood the assignment very well 💯 Because their loyal nature makes them devoted to “their people”, Taurus delegates are the last to backstab anybody from their own block. Their sweet spot for cooperation and community makes them well versed in teaching anybody a thing or do about forming alliances and drafting the winning resolution as a team.

✅ Need a snack?

Finally, did someone say food? Tauruses are hungry creatures. No need for a clock in the committee when a Taurus delegate is in the room, as they will be the first to raise a motion to suspend the debate anytime their stomach rumbles. Although their gourmet tendency may not seem like a perk at first glance, it can definitely come in handy: these epicureans always have more than one snack up their sleeve! And who doesn’t like to be mentored while eating a granola bar?

And as if all those reasons were not enough to look up to our Taurus friends, we heard that Mr Antonio Guterres himself might be one of them…♉
So what stops you from reaching out to the closest Taurus MUNer you know and beseech them to be your MUNtor?

About the author: Daria Kisseleva is a living MUN legend in Europe and Asia. As a frequent chair, she has probably experienced every possible type of MUNer by now. She explains the behaviour of MUNers with their zodiac signs and volunteered to share this unique perspective and experience with the MUN community here. Daria is currently finishing her Master's Degree in International Development and International Affairs at Science Po in Paris, France.