Jonas Bruns

Jun 09, 2022

The Elephant in the room: GeMUNis 🐘

Daria Kisseleva's MUN Horoscope

There is no need to be that much into astrology to figure that Geminis have bad press. While every horoscope seems to be warning us against their two-faced nature, every dating coach on TikTok advises keeping your distance from these creatures who can be so quick to shamelessly break your heart into pieces.

But if you learned anything from reading our MUN horoscope, it is that the truth is often more nuanced and contrasted than the rumours. We’ll serve you the real tea! 🍵

Sure, Gemini MUNers (hereby referred to as “GeMUNis”) can be a lot to handle. Their unpredictability and aggressive friendliness can make them intimidating, and their overenthusiasm for the most bizarre ideas might make you reluctant to engage in a debate with them. But don’t you worry. We have listed below a few precautions to keep in mind while dealing with these wild birds. Hopefully, if you take our recommendations seriously, you’ll survive your next conference with one or two GeMUNis in your committee! ♊

How to spot them? 🔎

Did somebody prepare a Powerpoint?

If the answer to that question is no, all clear, there are no GeMUNis in your committee.

However, if a delegate starts their opening speech by plugging a USB port into the chair’s laptop (or by asking the iconic “can I share my screen?” question at an online MUN), you know what’s coming next: a speech accompanied by colorful slides segmented by crazy transitions. And the moment you realize those slides contain no valuable piece of data and simply fulfil an aesthetic purpose, it will already be too late: the GeMUNi will have grabbed the committee’s attention and will not be willing to let it go.

Unrealistic ideas

Those of us who have been involved in MUN for a while know that, although Draft Resolutions may sometimes consist of pragmatic, innovative and solution-oriented recommendations, they may also contain some of the most head-scratching, eyebrow-raising ideas. Well, guess who are the masterminds behind those out-of-the-ordinary clauses that will make you spill your morning coffee and ask, “did we really agree on that yesterday?”. That’s right, GeMUNis all the way!

But don’t you think our Gemini friends do it on purpose as a form of self-sabotage or even to play with the nerves of their fellow delegates. That couldn’t be further from the truth! Being highly curious individuals fond of any form of intellectual stimulus, GeMUNis enjoy spending most of their spare time contemplating strange - or even ridiculous - ideas and attempting to figure out ways to make them work. Don’t blame it on last night’s drinks and partying. Blame it on their exceptional brains 🧠

The main attraction at the socials

If you thought your GeMUNi friend would give you a break during the socials, think again! Their hyper extraverted aura and child-like inquisitiveness make them real-life social magnets at every social event they attend. Don’t be surprised if you see them rocking the dancefloor, ruling the karaoke corner, and shining in the smoking area with their existential philosophical questions all in the same night. These burgeoning young minds just cannot stand staying in one place at a time! It’s almost as if each of them had the energy of two people 👯

Bonus tip:

Is there a delegate trying to sponsor two Draft Resolutions, by any chance? Alright, say no more, clearly a GeMUNi.

What do they want? 🤔

Congratulations, you should now be able to spot a wild GeMUNi in your committee!

But once that task has been achieved, what else can be done to facilitate your contact with those rare species and perhaps even attempt to tame them?

In order to get along with our GeMUNi friends, nothing is more important than to understand their motivations and the reasons behind the craziness. After MUNing with Geminis for several years, we came to the conclusion that Gemini MUNers mainly want two things: to have a fun time fand to to be intellectually stimulated. More often than not, GeMUNis don’t care about being understood by the masses. Like all the intellectually gifted individuals on this planet, GeMUNis just want a safe space to express their creativity and explore their most original ideas, regardless of the support they may or may not get from their peers. If you happen to work with GeMUNis, just make sure they have a say in the decision-making process and that they feel heard by their teammates. For the rest, no need to stress too much about giving them major support or validation. In fact, if you don’t like them, that can only be your problem.  👑

About the author: Daria Kisseleva is a living MUN legend in Europe and Asia. As a frequent chair, she has probably experienced every possible type of MUNer by now. She explains the behaviour of MUNers with their zodiac signs and volunteered to share this unique perspective and experience with the MUN community here. Daria is currently finishing her Master's Degree in International Development and International Affairs at Science Po in Paris, France.