Jonas Bruns

Feb 11, 2022

Aquarius: the misunderstood genius of MUN

Daria Kisseleva's MUN Horoscope

Somewhere between the typical cool kid that we all strive to be and the mysterious art school student profile lies a hybrid specimen called the Aquarius MUNer.
They may show up late in the committee, and their outfits might fit better in an experimental fashion show rather than a diplomatic assembly, but their legendary intelligence and creativity definitely make Aquarius MUNers forces to be reckoned with.

Keeping up with their random sparks of inspiration and spontaneous energy can be hard, and if you’re lucky enough to have an Aquarius delegate in your block, do not ever think that you can exert any sort of control over them. These mysterious beasts can be signatories of all the DRs on the floor or none at all, and no matter what you got them to agree upon during unmods, you can trust that our Aquarian friends will always end up going their own way.

Although their speeches may sound like they state the obvious, do not underestimate their sharpness! What seems obvious to us may not be so in the visionary mind of an Aquarius delegate. While the basic populace may find them weird, the real tea is that Aquariuses don’t need anybody’s validation to thrive and take the committee to new heights. They are completely impervious to external influence, which makes them both a dream and a nightmare when it comes to lobbying. Aquarian MUNers are nonetheless highly adaptable beings. The most important aspect of a conference for them is neither the venue nor the food served at the committee diner. No honey, it’s all about the vibes. If the energy of the committee matches their own, you’ll get to experience Aquarius delegates in their prime! If not, you may not see them again the next day.

Quite unsurprisingly, Aquarius delegates are the least likely to collect their certificates of participation or to keep any material souvenir from the conferences they attend. In fact, Aquariuses rarely attend a conference more than once, as they aren’t fans of any type of routine. They view each and every MUN as a once-in-a-lifetime experience that they live to the fullest before getting back on their imaginary boat and floating it on in the deep waters of the unknown.

Aquarius chairs and their obsession with “thinking outside the box”

There is no better way to impress an Aquarius chair than originality.
As misunderstood geniuses themselves, they will particularly value the work of a delegate who dares to think outside the box and take a unique path against the rest of the committee. In fact, for creative Aquarius minds, going along with the majority is not really an option.

As time management issues don’t go away with a change in position, even as chairs, Aquarians are very likely to arrive late to committee after every break. But hey, nobody’s perfect. Plus, their chill vibes and laid-back attitude are the reasons why Aquarius chairs will always be the delegate’s favorites.

Overall, Aquarius chairs are similar to that cool Music teacher you had in middle school, who just wants students to have fun and embrace their creativity while learning new things.

Advice for Aquarius MUNers

If you are an Aquarius MUNer reading this post, thank you for blessing us with your visionary energy! You have amazing creative potential, and we surely hope that you don’t let that light go out!
Not everyone will understand your talent, and not all MUN conferences will match your unique vibe, but the aura you bring to MUN is iconic, and it would be a loss for everyone not to witness it. Suppose you feel comfortable enough with the RoPs. In that case, we can only suggest you avoid beginner-level committees, where it is customary to stay on the beaten tracks, and explore original committees or crises instead, where your creativity will be highly valued.

Finally, stay true to your fantastic self! Above all else, MUN is a valuable tool for personal growth. Sure, you may want to conform to the norm a few times, but at the end of the day, the satisfaction you will experience by being your true self in the committee is truly unmatched, even if it means bringing extravagant props with you and purposely missing the ‘western business attire’ memo.

About the author: Daria Kisseleva is a living MUN legend in Europe and Asia. As a frequent chair, she has probably experienced every possible type of MUNer by now. She explains the behaviour of MUNers with their zodiac signs and volunteered to share this unique perspective and experience with the MUN community here. Daria is currently finishing her Master's Degree in International Development and International Affairs at Science Po in Paris, France.