Matz Radloff

Dec 10, 2018

Last Week's Updates, Nov. 28 - Dec. 10 2018

Well, not quite a week but close enough

Dear Delegates,

Since my last post we have been working on a lot of enhancements for our internal tools. Those include migrating to a different sales- and issue-tracking system, updates to our accounting system, updates to our automatic testing solution, and many more. This is why the following list is rather short but still includes many bug fixes and "Quality-of-Life" improvements.

Matz (CTO at MyMUN)

Bug Fixes and Smaller Changes

  • Improved blog styling
  • Fixed a rare bug where error messages wouldn’t be set correctly and thus not show up
  • Improved the layout of internal delegation assignments and made the interface easier to navigate
  • Added new fields to personal info: Now you will be able to submit your current university/school, field of study, and start date to your profile. This will also serve as the primary entry in your CV.
  • Fixed video link on /organize page
  • Several performance improvements