Dear Delegates,

this is the first in a series of posts where I will recap the past week (or so) of MyMUN’s development. I am Matz Radloff, technical lead at MyMUN and have been working on the platform since 2014. I do everything from implementing new features, fixing bugs, answering your mails to server maintenance and infrastructure. As many of you know, MyMUN has a lot of features and there is always room for improvement. With this series I would like to give you insights into some details of the development process, announce new features and include a list of changes / bug fixes.

Major Features

This is the single biggest feature we introduced to MyMUN lately and the one you're using right now - our blog! It is not only going to be a way of engaging with the MUN community but also going to feature high quality and MUN related content.

Bug Fixes and Smaller Changes

  • Sped up the landing page by scaling down images and pre-fetching certain domains
  • Sped up many page transitions, especially in the application process section
  • Improved the client performance of the chat
  • Fixed a bug where a conference page would sometimes show "null" as the default fee
  • Fixed a bug where delegations would in rare cases falsely show up as paid or not paid in the organizer view
  • Fixed the Assignment Wizard layout
  • Fixed formatting bugs in organizer-sent emails
  • Fixed a bug where logging in using google or facebook was not working correctly