Jonas Bruns

Mar 10, 2022

5 things you wish you knew about Pisces MUNers

Daria Kisseleva's MUN Horoscope

We've all met one of them at some point throughout our MUN journey. Something about them made us want to confide in and share our darkest secrets, but something about the way they do MUN made us wonder which planet they're from. Are they beginners or advanced MUNers? Hard to tell. Pisces MUNers are their own category.

Although they can be found at every corner in most MUN conferences, does the MUN world really know Pisces MUNers, and does it always treat them right?
You can count on this post to shed some light on one of the most underrated personalities in MUN. 😎

1. World peace is their ultimate goal<br>

Pisces are the last representatives of a rare species of delegates who show up in committee with the hope of achieving world peace. In fact, with their minds full of peace treaties and amicable agreements, Pisces delegates come to MUN conferences with the actual aim to make the world a better place. How cute!

2.<strong> Cooperation over competition</strong>

A typical Pisces delegate will expect everybody in the committee to cooperate and will be shocked by any scenario that differs from everybody getting along. In fact, when everybody says they hope to have a fruitful debate, our Pisces friends are the only ones who truly mean it. Their blind faith in humanity and the irrational amount of trust they put in their fellow delegates often make Pisces MUNers the easiest targets in crisis committees. Being the first to get backstabbed is a recurrent problem Pisces crisis aficionados have to face, and although they may play it cool on the spot, it usually takes a lot of partying for them to forget the ruthlessness of the MUN world.

3.<strong> Will not save their tears for another day</strong>

MUN can be intense, and therefore we all can get emotional at some point during a conference. Pisces kings and queens just take it to another level. Whether it be for a failed resolution, an emotional closing speech, or an unexpected award, Pisces MUNers will let it all out and you can only hope their mascara is waterproof. But honestly, have you ever attended a closing ceremony where nobody cries? You can thank Pisces for making your event memorable!


5. Mother Teresa of MUN<br>

As the ultimate empaths of any MUN conference, Pisces delegates and chairs will not let anybody down in a tough situation. Did you forget your placard? They will give you theirs. Have you reached your hotel safely after the social? They might blow up your phone if you forgot to let them know. That's why the ultimate smart move for a Secretariat is to appoint Pisces USGs in key departments such as Delegates Affairs or HR. There is nothing a Pisces cannot deal with!

Now that you know the truth about our Pisces friends, we hope you will do them justice in your next MUN conference. Without them, the idealistic spirit of MUN would be shattered, leaving us all with nothing but conferences that sorely look like debate competitions.
Let's all take inspiration from Pisces' unswerving will to make the world a better place and show them that perhaps everybody can get along after all!

About the author: Daria Kisseleva is a living MUN legend in Europe and Asia. As a frequent chair, she has probably experienced every possible type of MUNer by now. She explains the behaviour of MUNers with their zodiac signs and volunteered to share this unique perspective and experience with the MUN community here. Daria is currently finishing her Master's Degree in International Development and International Affairs at Science Po in Paris, France.