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Global Travel Health Insurance

Don't worry about getting injured during a conference: With our no-deductible, no-limit insurance, you're fully covered anywhere in the world!

Unlimited Insurance Sum

No Deductible

Just € 0,80 a day

Available for conferences and private stays

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An MUNer's Best Friend

Endless Discounts and Opportunities Await When You Travel With an ISIC Card!

Over 160,000 discounts in 133 countries now available!

Available for Pupils, Students, Teachers and Young People!

The Ideal Companion For Your Next Conference Trip.

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Post- and Pre-Conference Trips by GAdventures
Travel sustainably with mymun and GAdventures!

Short or extended adventure & city trips for young people, who want to discover the world in a special way. A perfect offer for private trips connected to MUN conferences or at any other time you want to enrich your experience in places, cultures and people all around the world. Take the opportunity to add a post- or pre-conference trip to your next conference!

Small Travel Groups Specifically For Young People

Exceptional and Interesting Tours by Local Guides

City Tours, Safaris, Hiking Trails and Pleasure Cruises

Based on the Principle of Sustainable Tourism

Find out all trips for the destination you prefer!

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Group Services
Travel together and save.

When travelling as a large delegation, we're helping you get the best group deals on your flights, hotel and insurance. Applying to a conference is stressful enough - let us help with the logistics!

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