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Don´t worry about selecting the best travel services for your group, negotiating with hotels and airlines, making reservations or paying in time! Here at mymun, we know that Head Delegate and Faculty Advisors want to concentrate on preparing essential conference matters for their delegation group, and don't want to spend time on organizing the conference trip itself. We will take care of your travel matters in order to make sure your conference trip will be perfect.

Special, Personalized Service for Delegation Group Leaders.
For Groups of 10 or More Delegates
Planning & Booking of Your Entire Itinerary, All Travel Services Included.
Benefit From Our Team of Professional Travel Consultants.

It´s Very Easy

  • Your head of delegation subsmits all requirements to be met for your group trip.
  • We will send back a detailed offer for conference days as well as private extensions of your stay.
  • You will discuss our offer and send back change requests or confirmation.
  • We will make all reservations for flights, hotels or further travel services, book the required travel insurances and prepare payment orders for you.
  • All confirmations, vouchers, flight tickets and insurance policies will be sent back to you.

Please complete the list of information we need to provide a detailed offer and send back this form to us.

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