Economic and Social Council 2nd Commission (Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice)


Anna Reisinger

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Model United Nations of Munich 2017

ECOSOC Committee 2: Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice

Delegation: Ukraine

Delegate: Anna Reisinger

Topic 1: Measures against the threat to public health posed by fraudalent medicines

The use of fraudulent medicine is an international problem since it is represented all over the world. It is a great hazard for all people since the use of these medicines is responsible for serious diseases and can even lead to death The trade of these drugs is very much related to this topic, which in turn strengthens the black market in many ways. However, the black market is not the only problem when it comes to the procurement of drugs, the trade via Iternet also plays a big role. Since this issue affects us all, we need to work together to identify the impact of this delicate matter and find a solution to stop not only the trade but also the consumption of these drugs.

Most of our medications are fair and have the desired active ingredients. Unfortunately, one has to me...