Economic and Social Council 2nd Commission (Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice)


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Committee:Economic and Social Council 2nd Commission (Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice) Topic:Measures against the threat to public health posed by fraudulent medicines Country:Turkey

With a share of 7% in the counterfeit market, the pharmaceutical black market is one of the worlds most dangerous and damaging trades. In 2010, the WHO estimated that about 14% of the worlds total drug supply and every second drug sold over the internet is fraudulent. Turkey, for it´s part, was criticized for their lack of efficiency, transparency, and fairness in the pharmaceutical manufacturing inspection process. In 2015, the owner of a Turkish pharmaceutical firm was sentenced for smuggling counterfeit, misbranded and adulterated cancer medicines into the US state Missouri. One year earlier, the companies director was jailed for the same crime, causing 10 deaths and about 100 sickened. In 2016, Istanbul police arrested a woman for selling mislabelled weight-loss drugs on the Internet. While Turkish law only makes it possible for drugs to be sold under licenced pharmacies, an enormous number of online drug shops are under suspicion to sell fraudulent drugs. A problem facing the Turkish Law is that there are gaps in the law, e.g. that Article 186 states that “Any person who sells, procures, stored decayed, transformed foodstuffs, beverages or drugs causing risk for others life and health shall be punished with imprisonment,(...).“ , the wording “others life and health“ requires the accused to fulfil both conditions. As a solution to this conflict, Association of Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies (AİFD) was founded in 2003 by research-based pharmaceutical companies operating in Turkey, one of their main aim s being to protect the consumer of counterfeit medicines. Working hand-in-hand with the countries healthcare sector and government, they are constantly providing solutions to health conditions and the providing of new and or...