Economic and Social Council 2nd Commission (Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice)
New Zealand


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Policy Paper 1: Measures against the threat to public health posed by fraudulent medicines. Counterfeit medications are a growing problem not only in developing countries, but also in developed countries like New Zealand. Since the widespread of the internet, the distribution and production of counterfeit medications have become much easier, and developed itself into a globalized business threatening millions of patients all around the world. As fraudulent medications are counting products that are deliberately mislabeled to resemble real medications, no matter if they contain correct ingredients, or the right amount of ingredients. However, if a medication contains the right ingredient(s), but is labeled wrongly, it also counts as a fraudulent medicine. In the worst case, a fraudulent medicine can harm or kill people, due to toxic or ineffective ingredients. Very often medications with prescription requirement are faked, and sold online without any prescription required. Due to the fact that buying medications witch pre...