Economic and Social Council 1st Commission (Sustainable Development)
Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of


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MunoM 2017

Committee: ECOSOC 1; sustainable development

Country: Venezuela

Delegate: Sina Marie Ceplis

Topic: Promoting Women’s Economic Empowerment


Women are still disadvantaged in comparison to men even though they account for little over half of the world’s population. Unfortunately, there are still multiple legal differences restricting women’s economic opportunities in various countries. In fact, the promotion of women’s economical rights proves to stabilize a sustainable development.

Current Situation

Venezuela is currently going through a political and economic crisis. This has made women even more vulnerable than men, more vulnerable to poverty and especially more vulnerable to be neglected by the state. Although women are legally equal to men, the country has not yet managed to create a climate of justice. Venezuela is unable to improve the country’s situation, which enlarges the ongoing protests even more.


Since Venezuela has signed the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), Venezuela supports the equal rights of men and women. The country used to encourage of women’s empowerment, also economically, and was in the process of stabilizing it. But since the political situation in Venezuela has escalated, this promising process came to a standstill. In 1999, president Hugo Chávez founded a specific social program and thus improved the social situation in Venezuela. This program was mostly financed by the oil business. When president Chávez died, Nicolás Maduro became Venezuela’s head of state. He didn’t manage to continue the established social program. This was mainly due to the economic collapse as a result of the increasing value of oil. The situation has worsened since then and especially women have been deprived. There are actually legal endeavors regarding women’s equality, but since protests and violence are increasing, they cannot be regarded as promised.

Proposed actions and solutions

Venezuela is deeply concerned about the current situation. But due to the ongoing protests against the government, Venezuela is not in the position to take any appropriate action. First, the political situation needs to be solved. Afterwards, the country wishes to continue promoting social programs including women’s economic empowerment. Progress must be achieved step by step. Without solving the political and economic crisis, there is no possibility to close the gender gap. Therefore, Venezuela is in need of support, including a...