Economic and Social Council 1st Commission (Sustainable Development)
United Kingdom


Felicia Weber

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Promoting Women’s economic empowerment

The UK government is highly involved in promoting women’s economic empowerment. As on the „Women In Work Index 2015“ is shown, the UK occupies - comparatively to the other OECD countries - a rather good ranking position. But there are still many deficits existing like e.g. the “gender pay gap“.

Besides that the „gender pay gap“, one of the major problems, is a violation against human rights, it’s closure would provide big economic advantages for the society. Though the women employment rate increased through the last years significantly, a high number of women only work part time or have mini jobs.This is also why female earnings in the UK are less then men’s.

One of the main reasons for this situation are the effects of maternity. Because of this the UK established e.g. a law which allows to share parental leave. Flexible working arrangements are currently only available to certain people, but the UK intends to change this to make workplaces accessible and more attractive to women.

The UK is also investing into young women and girls to prevent the transfer of poverty from one generation to the next. Because of its decisive role the UK forces the education sector to empower women to take part in ...