Economic and Social Council 1st Commission (Sustainable Development)


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**FORUM: Economic and Social Council 1st Committee

ISSUE: Promoting women’s economic empowerment


Today, for every dollar earned by men, women earn between 70 and 90 cents. Women’s global labour force participation is approximately 50%, whereas men’s is 77%. The 2030 Agenda asserts gender equality not only as a fundamental human right, but as a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world. Approximately 73 percent of the global jobs gap in 2014 was due to a shortfall in unemployment among women, who comprise about 40 percent of the global work force. Women have an unequal access to economic and productive resources and assets. Norway thinks that discrimination against women prevents girls and women from living a good life and hampers economic development. Indeed in fragile states women are particularly vulnerable to discrimination and abuse. Norway will use its political capital, its experience and its knowledge, as well as its economic tools, to enhance the rights of girls and women. We will also mobilise men in the efforts to promote gender equality. Progress...