General Assembly 6th Committee (Legal)
United Kingdom


Matteo Clarke
United Kingdom

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Committee: General Assembly 6th Committee (Legal) Country: United Kingdom Delegate: Mattéo Clarke Topic 1: The importance of international treaties to protect the environment

For the UK, the environment is generally defined to mean air, water and land. Over the past few years, the UK has worked to protect the environment by reducing pollution, reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill, protecting areas of parkland, wildlife reserves and marine biodiversity, and enforcing regulations that keep UK water and air clean. We also help communities avoid or recover from flooding and other weather-related hazards.

The UK is currently in multiple international treaties, for example the Paris agreement and the EU and UK Environmental Policy. The UK and the EU have been exchanging benefits for each other, the EU has permitted the UK to improve environmental standards in areas such as air/water pollution and biodiversity. It has also given the UK a platform to pursue its environmental objectives internationally and has provided access to a useful pool of knowledge. But the UK has also been helpful for the EU, influe...