General Assembly 4th Committee (Special Political and Decolonization)


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Policy Statement Ukraine General Assembly Committee 4

Question of the occupied Syrian Golan Heights The Golan Heights are a disputed, oil and natural gas rich area between Israel and Syria. In 1944, this region was left to the new formed Syrian state and after the Arab-Israeli war it became a demilitarised zone to stop the conflict. However, the war wasn’t over. There followed the “war over water”, Israel annexed more land to provocate Syria. In 1967, in the Six-day war, Israel captured the Heights and began to settle them. Six years later, Syria invaded the area from the South, which ended up in ceasefire and in 1982 Israel had efficiently annexed the Syrian Golan Heights. The UNDOF, a sector of the UN, to safeguard the peace between Syria, the Arab nations and Israel, intervened a region to have a buffer zone between the two countries, ...