General Assembly 4th Committee (Special Political and Decolonization)
Syrian Arab Republic


Andrei Pana

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Delegation: Syrian Arab Republic Forum: General Assembly Committee 4 Issue: Question of the occupied Syrian Golan Heights

Honorable chair, fellow delegates,

The Delegation of the Syrian Arab Republic believes that the area of the Syrian Golan has been placed under a lot of pressure and therefore subjected to intense conflicts for many years. In order for peace to be achieved, we believe that both parties involved in the ongoing conflict should reach common terms, for a brighter and more peaceful future within the area. We believe these common terms and therefore peace can be reached only through Israel deciding to forsaken their control over the Syrian Golan Heights.

The conflict between Syria and Israel in the Syrian Golan Heights has been unfolding for too many years. As a result of the Arab-Israeli wars that took place from 1948 to 1949 the area within Syria has unfortunately become a DMZ, an area where both Syria and Israel would not attend conflict amongst themselves. This however did not help loosen the tension created between both parties involved, on the contrary the conflicts continued. Issues such as the usage of water also known as the war over water followed by a six-day war that took place in 1967 when Israel attacked the Syrian Arab Republic and forced strategic and geographic pressure on the Golan Heights and began to settle within them. This resulted in countless other conflicts that rose within the area and with pressures greatly rising the UNDOF (United Nations disengagements observer force) decided to intervene in 1974 by securing an area known under the name of UNDOF area than managed to separate both of the sides involved in the conflict in order to loosen ...