General Assembly 1st Committee (Disarmament and International Security)


Mia Wilke

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Committee: General Assembly, Disarmament & International Security

Delegate: Mia Wilke

Country: Jordan Hashemite Kingdom


Controlling illegal weapon smuggling, especially in crisis zones and focusing on avoiding criminal organizations to obtain weapons

One of the most corrupt business areas of the world is the (illegal) deal with arms and munition. The global illicit arms trafficking and easy availability of weapons, especially in crisis zones, is responsible for serious contravention of the human rights and our international humanitarian law, causing over 50,000 deaths each year (Source: UN). The amount of violations is not likely to decrease, since the globalization of weapon trade results in permeable controls systems on national and international basis. Preventive measures, to stop the global illegal weapons smuggle are being made but are not yet fully adapted to multiple nations.

Jordan is aware of the threat of Criminal Organizations or Terrorist Organizations obtaining and receiving illegal weapons. Also because our country represents one of the centric supply routes for (illegal) weapon trafficking to southern Syria, in which notably smuggle is a very present topic. All parties of the grand conflict there - state, terrorists and rebels - are served with weapons and armory, in such extend, that it is highly complicated to trace back all of the origins of the armament.

However, to ensure security, Jordan receives support and aid from nations like the United States. In addition, Jordan voted „yes“ to the Arms Trade...