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Name: Inês Queiroz Abreu

Committee: G20

Topic: 1.Fighting Global Tax Evasion in the G20 countries

   2.Food security as a key for sustainable development

Topic 1:

In the G20 committee economic growth is classified as a priority and because of that solutions must be formed against tax evasion which is currently slowing the process down. Tax evasion can be classified as the illegal non-payment of tax. Tax evasion is also identified as a crime because of its huge impact on the global economy. Many countries, such as less economically developed countries, suffer from this loss of money because less money goes to the government thus the government does not have enough money to contribute to projects which are designed to further develop the country and the living conditions of its inhabitants.

Many businesses also suffer because of tax evasion since those businesses which operated strictly to the tax code will end up with less capital and so they are not able to create a more dominant position in the market unlike those businesses who engage in tax evasion and therefore have more capital to create a more dominant position in th...