European Parliament
Eva Maydell - EPP (Bulgaria)


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Committee: European Parliament

Country: Bulgaria - Eva Maydell EPP

Topic A: European Border and Coast Guard Regulation

The unprecedented migratory pressure at European Union’s external borders constitutes one of the biggest challenges of our times. In 2016, Member States reported more than 511 000 detections of illegal border-crossing. Although the number of migrants from Asia and the Middle East decreased, the situation remains difficult. European Union is called to cope with the issues of its citizens’ security and of the protection of the human rights.

It is undeniable that the Schengen area without internal borders is only sustainable if the external borders are effectively secured. For this reason, Members States controlling European external borders are burdened with a huge responsibility, but they cannot carry out this task alone. It is in the interest of the whole European community to set up an adequate mechanism to address the migratory emergency. With this purpose, in October 20...