Third Party Actors


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Delegate: Alexia Gamboa

School: Villa Maria

"To gather and broadcast news and current affairs. To entertain, educate and inform. To provide access to the information and ideas every person needs to acknowledge, providing background and context to the news"; this is the mission of the British Broadcasting Corporation, as stated by our Radio Director, Helen Boaden. We are pleased that for almost one hundred years since our foundation, the core purpose has not changed at all, and BBC News has been committed to inform populations from all nations while also having a webpage for our headquarter, the United Kingdom. Likewise, our vision has not been alternated, as we continue seeking to be the most creative organization worldwide. Available in more than 440 million homes, 3 million hotel rooms, 165 cruise ships, 36 mobile phone networks, 30 commercial vessels and 13 commercial airlines, we have been portrayed as the world's largest news organization with a weekly audience of 84 million, generating 120 hours of radio and television output, as well as online news coverage. In these years, news about 19 different sectors has been transmitted, including weather, business, and traveling. But, if we go back in time to the past, we will observe that it has not been simple to get where we are now. On November 14th, 1922, the BBC broadcasted its first radio bulletin, and unfortunately, wishing to avoid competition, newspaper publishers convinced the British government to ban the BBC from reporting before 7:00 PM and to force them to use wire service copy instead of reporting on its own. 8 years later, on Easter weekend in 1930 (April 18th), the government's ban left us with no information to publish, and after saying: "There is no news today", piano music was played. It was in 1934 when the BBC created its own news operation and achieved the right to edit the copy. Therefore, they began to transmit news on television with a still image of the Big Ben. Nonetheless, it could not broadcast news before 6:00 PM, but this was cut in World War II, the time when they gained their independence. Subsequently, the public's interest in ou...