United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime


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Committee: United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

Country: Republic of Turkey.

Delegate: Andres Pacherres.

Turkey’s mission and role with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime- hereinafter UNODC- have been a constant strategy against illicit opium trafficking that began in 1974. The objective of the UNODC strategy is to support Turkey’s government in optimizing the national drug control capacities of the country and in promoting regional cooperation. Having said that, Turkey is fully committed to cooperate with the UNODC economically being within the 25 member states that most contribute with the UNODC budget with 800,000 dollars followed by the Annual Report in 2016. Furthermore, the main issue tackle by the Turkish government with the UNODC has been the illicit drugs trafficking, however, they will pursuit to find solutions for political corruption, prison reform as well as police corruption.

Topic A. Political Corruption: Fighting against corruption is vital, in particular, to achieve an economic and political stability, to attract foreign investors and to establish the rule of law. In addition to those interests, which are common for almost all countries, anti-corruption has a particu...