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Committee : United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Country : Oriental Republic of Uruguay

Topic 1 : Regulation on treatment of refugees attempting to cross borders

« Uruguay is a small and welcoming country. We have space to live, our territory is almost empty and our land is fertile ». That’s how in 2011, our President José Mujica described the positions of Uruguay on the migration question. Uruguay, with its history has always been a welcoming country and opened on immigration. As we are ourselves a culture built by humans flows, we know how fells these mens and womens who’re only searching a home and a flag below which they could sleep peacefully. Conscious about the situation and the snakes of some countries in the Middle East, in Africa and also in Europe, we engaging ourselves to take all the necessaries measures to be able to welcome respectfully all these people and to integrate them in our society. Indeed, notions of decency and respect aren't alway respected and it’s our duty to build a new regulation on this question which would respect all these people, which would be more human.

However, there’s still a lot of work to do and today still a lot of refugees, who’re just searching a better life, dies or worst lives in some conditions which are sometimes worst than death itself. Recently in France, a lot of migrants have had to live near the city of Calais in conditions which were almos...