Climate Summit


Viktoria Patzke

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Climate Summit

Measures towards safeguarding maritime ecosystems

The Italian peninsula is surrounded by the Adriatic, Ligurian, Ionian and Mediterranean seas. The country has a total cost line of around 7600 kilometres. Around the Italian peninsula 700 kilometres of cost line are already protected by 23 protected marine areas and 2 marine parks which also safeguard about 200432 hectares of sea. Italy´s geographical position makes it extremely important for the Italian government to protect those areas. Various measures have to be taken to make the fishing industry and the use of marine resources in the respective seas more sustainable since coastal marine ecosystems are subjected to multiple stresses in addition to climate change. Those include overfishing, loss of habitat and pollution. The most effective approach to improve the resilience of these ecosystems to climate change are measures in order to limit these stresses since limiting the impacts of climate change on the marine environment is out of reach for local managers and must be solved on a European level. T...