Maria Maschke

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Delegation: Kingdom of Spain Commission: Disarmament and International Security Committee Prevention of non-state actors with chemical and biological weapons

I. Definition of non-state actors According to current issues of worldwide affairs, non-state actors (NSA) are likely to be defined as “[...] the concept […] including any entity that is not actually a state, often used to refer to armed groups, terrorists, religious groups or corporations.” The difficulty in dealing with NSAs is that they do not possess official or government authorities and powers, as well as not entertaining institutional and financial relationships with ratified states. The predominate threat posed by NSAs is their international mode of operation, mostly using violent means. Since the concept of NSA is generally understood as not being bound by any state authority, they evolve to be potentially important subjects of international law. Therefore, the key objective of this committee should be the development and improvement of various rights and obligations for NSAs, regardless of their type, on an international level in accordance with already existing regulations. II. BTWC as expandable existing regulation

The importance of the Convention is enormous. For several reasons, it is not applicable worldwide, namely: the BTWC is a rather skimped document if compared to its possible application in current affairs. The concept should be taken more seriously by the States Parties of the DISEC and therefore needs modification, which should be discussed in depth during session. For this purpose, some initial proposals considering implementation, assistance and cooperation methods of BTWC could be the following:

  1. Implementation The vast difficulty is the implementation of the framework laid out by the Convention considering the NSAs; which are not held accountable by the government in any form and are highly unpredictable in their handlings lacking internal structure. For this reason, the course of action in worst-case scenarios should be sketched in the first place. Article 4 states “Each State Party to this Convention shall, in accordance with its constitutional processes, take any necessary measures to and prevent the development, production, stockpiling, acquisition, or retention of the agents, toxins, weapons.“. Due to globalized scope of action of NSAs with all its transportation and cyber facilities, the implement...