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TOPIC 1 : Schooling and protection of children in armed conflicts

Nowadays, one of the most severely affected group by armed conflicts are children. Indeed, they are an easy target: children are defenceless against the direct effect of the conflict or even recruited as child soldiers. There are still 57 million children of primary school age out of school. As a result, they are at increased risk of missing out on a key part of their personal development: education. These impacts do not reveal the extent of psychosocial damage, the disruption of socialization processes, the loss of traditional values that protect them. The problem is that children in conflict zones often remain inaccessible for international humanitarian aid because of the changing nature of modern wars. Besides, by attacking school infrastructure, killing students and teachers, occupying schools, or abducting children, they prevent the next generation from acquiring an education. Schooling children is primary for a country because it gives the keys for the society to engage...