Norman Lamont (UK)


Artur Eibauer

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Poistion Paper

Delegate:Artur Eibauer

Delegation: MUNSG

Assigment: UK (Chancellor of the Exchequer Norman Lamont)

Maastricht Treaty.

Since the 1950s the European continent has grown ever more closer. The Countries and leader of that time have understood that in order to prevent the horrific time that was World war two the famialy of european nations had to grow closer. It was Winston Churchill himself who called for the United States of Europe. Prime Minister Churchill saw that for Europe to prosper enjoy peace and stability the European countries had to come together. So that ECSC was founded. West Germany, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Italy decide to, despite their horrible past, lay the foundation of peace. They established community on the ground of economic cooperation andcreated a common market .

The United Kingdom saw itself at first just as a guiding hand co...