Climate Summit


Julia Aurik
United States

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Committee: The Climate Summit - Country: Denmark - Delegate: Julia Aurik - Topic A: Measures towards safeguarding marine ecosystems

Environmental issues and policies have been put to the side for as long as the problem of climate change has been around. The balancing scale between environmental damage and economic potential will almost always tip in favour of economic opportunities. As our world’s ideologies move towards neoliberal policies, we find ourselves doing as much as possible to ensure economic growth regardless of the costs, including environmental costs. While NGOs are definitely putting up a fight, a lot of the focus seems to be on land issues and impacts, and this results in public outcry and UN resolutions being predominantly focused on these issues as well. This poses a problem for the underwater world, where little policy implementation has occurred. We must try to embrace the vast unknown that is the ocean, and do what we can to protect as we are trying to do on land. We cannot function without the ecosystems that live in our oceans and seas, and all the economic prosperity in the world will not matter if there is leads to the destruction of ocean life.

In Denmark, we are aware of the dangers that we, as human beings, pose to the earth if we do not tackle the degradation of marine life. Due to ...