James Murdza
United States

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Topic A: Tackling the global issue of child malnutrition through social reform, food production and distribution of Lunch

Experts have called nutrition as the biggest missed opportunity in global health because it has so many clear benefits and few apparent costs. Proper nutrition, especially at a young age, decreases mortality, increases physical and mental performance, enhances resistance to disease, and improves prospective career opportunities. Thus it is sensible that the second of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals agreed on by the United Nations General Assembly is Zero Hunger by 2030. Brazil is a critical actor in the hunger challenge, and is deeply invested in finding sustainable solutions to the zero hunger goal.

As a developing country producing four times as much food as its own demand, a lot can be learned from Brazil’s history with nutrition and agriculture. In the 2000s, Brazil became a global success story as it implemented socioeconomic policies which halved extreme poverty and hunger within th...