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Eugenia Tsao
New Zealand

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Author: Eugenia Cao Country: Finland Committee: European Council

I. The integration of defence systems within the European Union As a member state of the European Union (EU), Finland supports the development of EU defence cooperation, and is an active participant in the formation of European Battlegroups since 2006. Finland has committed to putting the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) into effect and the Finnish Defence Forces have participated in nearly all of the EU crisis management operations and in European Defence Agency (EDA) operations. Finland’s unwavering participation in such operations demonstrates the need for a long-term goal of the CSDP and promotes the development of a common policy within the EU and calls for swift implementation. Finland anticipates that all EU nations have the political will to expand cooperation for crisis management in order to ensure European security, and emphasises the objectives of the EU to protect Europe and supporting partners as well as deterring against and responding to external threats. Finland aims to increase interactions between EU and NATO and intends for Europe to act as a comprehensiv...