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Jeske Loonstra

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Delegation: The Federative Republic of Brazil (Brazil) Committee: United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) Questions of: LGBT rights in the developing world; Universal access to primary health care; rights of indigenous people; freedom of journalists.

The Federative Republic of Brazil strongly supports LGBT rights. During the last years, life for LGBTQ people has become increasingly easier in Brazil. Laws making homosexuality illegal were already eliminated in 1830 and since 2004, same sex-unions have been legalised. Same-sex couples can marry since 2013. Being a transgender is legal since 2009. LGBTQ people can join the military, as the constitution of Brazil prohibits any form of discrimination. Brazil has voted in favour of UN-resolutions supporting rights for LGBTQ’s, such as the declaration by the General Assembly in 2008. However, violent deaths and abuse of LGBTQ people are quite common. In 2017, at least 445 LGBTQ Brazilians died as victims of homophobia. Although this is a sm...