Political (Current Issues)


Max Colpa

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                   Position Paper for CamMUN 2018
                           Max Colpa

Committee: Political (Current Issues)* *Topics: 1. The Question of Sovereignty in the South China Sea 2. The Question of Demilitarisation of the Korean Peninsula 3. The Question of Reforming the UN 4. The Question of the Conflict in Syria State: The Republic of India Delegation: Het Farel College

Honourable chairs, fellow delegates, hardworking staff The delegation of the Republic of India is very honoured to be here and looks forward to rich discussions and innovative resolutions.

Concerning the question of sovereignty in the South China Sea, the Republic of India is highly concerned about peacekeeping and maintaining economic stability. As countries are growing and expanding their sovereignty into neutral territory, actions must be taken to make sure they happen equally with regards to other countries. The Republic of India strongly believes this matter is especially of high importance since the area in question is a valuable trading route and contains a high number of natural resources. We believe these international waters must stay open and free for...