United Nations Security Council


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Committee : United Nation Security Council

Country : India

Topic Area : Combating Radical Terrorism in Africa


Throughout the years, terrorism has turned to be the most crucial challenge to the development of welfare, security and peace in the continent of Africa. The exponential rising of radical militant groups over the century is the proof that Africa needs a profoundly serious attention in order to maintain the international peace and stability. As per 2015 alone, at least 4,523 terrorist attacks were found in Africa, put this dire calamity to be among the top list of the highest terrorism-related fatalities in the world.

In response, African countries and United Nation had taken lot of measures to fight with terrorism at the pan-African level. The adoption of Organization of African Unity Convention on the Prevention and Combating of Terrorism in 1999 seems have a good first step in the future which is seen as a bold framework in dealing with terrorism. Moreover, the United Nation Security Council in 2017 adopted the resolutions to welcome the employment of 5,000 task force by five African West Countries...